"'Every sickness is a musical problem,' so said Novalis, 'and every cure a musical solution'". from W. H. Auden, The Art of Healing
My prayer is that all you professional musicians realize that you are working with another form of healing. The healing professions need you. Thanks for riding the waves of the ups and downs that is the music business.
So, give a musical solution to your ill colleague.

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Music therapy has been used with ill patients @ UCDMC for several years now with most positive results, especially with the pediatric patients. I suspect that native americans have known this for a long time after reading several books about their healing rituals. As far as my colleagues go, I would be playing to them all.. :-) .. Music is good healing regardless of your health. fdupr
Music therapy is what an organization called Nordoff Robbins uses for trauma victims.
I was honoured by this organization with an award that they sponsor every year to musicians. I have a friend Scottish singer/songwriter Frankie Miller who's song "Guilty of the crime" was covered by the Eagles in their latest album "The long road out of Eden" Frankie suffered a massive brain haemorrhage and N.R. music therapy brought him back from the brink of death------he is now in a wheelchair and is disabled but is still writing his songs! thanks to the care he received through music therapy music put his soul back together again. Thanks to all the people who work with music therapy------children always respond in their way and as much as they can
and I firmly believe music is the way to the soul!
God Bless,
You know , I am the oldest of nine sibs and I remember my mother picking us up when we were crying and she would start singing to us. There was a lot of music in the house as I was growing up and naturally the older sibs picked up on this and maintained this practice as the younger ones were growing up. I see mothers pick up babies today when they are crying and stick something in their mouths. I want to sometimes tell them to sing to them, especially when the child responds to nothing else. I know for a fact that it works, even for newborns. i turned 61 today and music still works for me when I am upset...(I am just a big ol' baby,,, lol..... fdupr
Thank you for writing this. I have known all along that my music heals but now my intention is so strong and intentional I think it is healing more!
Rythm is the essence of life. Life is ups and downs. Unlikely what most people beleive an unchanging, too stable rythm of some organ or body function is not synonym of health, quite the opposite. Just as (that's my opinion) an unchanging rythm or melody is te opposite of music.
We all need musical therapy. Perhaps usical therapy needs much less equipment than some professionals believe. To make a good start just begin to tap your fingers during some job meeting or social meeting. Something good may come out of that. I tried it myself and it worked... almost perfectly. But then you got the work to do.

Daddy Doc Mano

Here is a recent report of research, entitled, "Can Music Can Make You Thinner (and Happier)? Science Says "Yes!"





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