What is the work situation like in your area? The jazz community in South Florida is rich with talent and fans and has to carry on even though some clubs must switch to other types of music to survive. Many very talented musicians find they can't expect to work steadily in town any more. There are a lot of community events, outdoor concerts and such that prove people are interested in jazz even if they can't afford the stiff tab of a nightclub in today's economy.

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Hi! Debbie My name is Elaine Hernandez. I am a singer/songwriter and I am looking for jazz venues in Miami, Florida, if you can send me some information on as to what sites on the internet I can log on in order to find some of these jazz venues you're talking about. I wasn't aware of the jazz community in South Florida. I have a six piece female Afro-Cuban Jazz band that has a fusion with latin jazz and American jazz, and I haven't been able to find a place to showcase my band! Any insite you can provide me with, I will appreciated. Thank You!
Hi Elaine,
Check out this website for jazz in Florida:
Sounds like you have the perfect sound for South Florida's Latin market. Best of Luck!
in Vancouver British Columbia, there is only one real jazz club. " The Jazz Cellar and Resturaunt."
It's one of the top in the world but it is small, I think 60 or so capacity. But there are a lot of musicians after a night there. There are a few other places but they either are resturaunts first and very noisy or they have mixed music. Vancouver ( just a side note ) has a great web site www.vancouverjazz.com
and Vancouver has some of the greatest musicians anywhere in Canada and the world.
Therse are very difficult times for a profession that in Canada at least is at the bottom of the food chain. I use to make a very good living just singing, very very good. But now most musicians teach or work in music rental and sales stores. It's a shame because artists are in a completely different place in Europtan countries. It starts at home and early education.
yes, Deb. we too are having great Shows. Did a Show in Houston about 2-weeks ago and sold about $4000.00 worth of CDs and then performed in a Mall and made on $1200.00 CD sales. There is an economy issue but if the music is right and sounds good they(fans) will spend money.

We dont do the nighclub thing we do arts & jazz festivals. we got 1-check this year for a performance that paid $850 and year to date on CD sales we are about $125,000.00. Money is in the product(music sales).

Scrap the nightclub scene for $150 to $300 and make real money. We also wholesale our music to major corporations like hospitals,gift shops,etc.

The economy is very good it depends on who you talk to.

so, get a real job and not an 8pm til 1am job

this is a reality check


The Showtyme Jazz Duo
Hey Showtyme! Thanks so much for the reality check!! I've been doing art & jazz festivals as well over the past year but did not have my CD finished yet. It will be finished in the next month if all goes well. I'm really happy to hear about your CD sales. That's very encouraging.



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