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Comment by Mark Daniel Uncle on October 10, 2011 at 2:54pm
My new Album is on Itunes and out 11/15/2011 on Amazon on Demand to listen to my C/D go to My Album is Called For the Love of Music 2011 by Mark Daniel Uncle/music teacher/recording Artist  : for Webcam Music Lessons
Comment by Jaijai Jackson on March 31, 2010 at 8:37pm

Audrey Silver! Yes, let me say that name again! Ms. Audrey Silver, from New York City, is by far, the best new Jazz vocalist and song stylist I have heard in many years! This recording gets a definite Five (5) stars! It is absolutely the finest recording I have heard from ANY Jazz vocalist in some time! Ms. Silver has it all: A gorgeous vocal instrument, perfect pitch, impeccable phrasing and a well crafted simple yet swinging approach to scat singing, placed perfectly where it is needed and never overdone. This Jazz vocalist caresses the listener; She draws you in gently; with every note she sings with such heart and emotion; but she seems to do it effortlessly, weaving a loving spell in her superior interpretations of the American Songbook. She takes her time with every breath, every syllable and note she sings; her phrasing is like sheer silk, drawing the listener into a relaxed state of consciousness.

Audrey Silver has begun in earnest to make a name for herself in a number of fine New York City clubs and venues. She has studied with two legends of the fine art of Jazz singing: Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan, two of our most heralded Jazz vocal treasures. With this recording Ms. Audrey Silver has entered a new Pantheon, a new exclusive club of Jazz greats! I can only humbly imagine what great vocal art she will contribute in the many years to come! For this listener, she defines the new "modern femininity", the new model for the art of the Jazz vocal. It is direct, relaxed, yet on the mark, delivered with real sophisticated poise and grace! All the tunes on this CD are great! The opening Track," The Song Is Ended", is a masterpiece, with it's hip arrangement of key changes placed in unexpected places! Her Pianist, Joe Barbato is a sensitive and excellent musician in his own right, a perfect foil and accompanist to Audrey!

Audrey Silver is destined for true greatness! A voice, surely coming from Jazz Heaven, here on earth!

~ Steve Getz
Comment by Steve Clarke on February 11, 2010 at 2:05pm
Interested in getting CD reviewed.
Comment by Sundar on January 30, 2010 at 1:56pm
hi all!
Good to be here. Hi Steve - can you tell me how I can go about getting my Cds reviewed here? All tracks are on my page as well.
Comment by Jaijai Jackson on January 20, 2010 at 12:57pm


Rick Smith, jazz guitarist and bandleader, presents here his new recording, "The Liminal Man", recorded in Singapore, Malaysia. The American guitarist,has had a vibrant and interesting career in Singapore, where he has resided for sometime. In this recording he presents a potpourri of talented musicians, including alto saxophonist Wes Anderson, Marcus Printup on trumpet and Walter Blanding,Jr., on tenor saxophonist, who are all renown American jazz musicians in their own right. The tracks featuring the horn men, showcase some interesting arrangements by Bruno LeFlanchec, a gifted and talented arranger.   The other tracks feature a very soulful Jens Bunge, on chromatic harmonica,who is an outstanding player. I was also intrigued by the T'ang Quartet, a string quartet consisting two violins, a viola and a cellist, who have a beautiful, rich and amazing sound! Richard Jackson also contributes much to the recording as the vocalist of the session, adding some "soul and spice" to a number of the tracks!
The leader himself is an accomplished, polished guitarist. He also has a vast background and experience performing with many famous jazz luminaries over the years, including Ernie Watts, Bob James, Richie Cole, Eric Marinenthal and Teramasu Hino and the aforementioned horn men listed above.
Congratulations, Rick Smith, on a well crafted and solid recording! You can order the CD by going to
Steve Getz
Writer/CD Reviewer
The Jazz Network Worldwide
December 2009
Comment by Ekendra Das on January 11, 2010 at 5:32am
Ekendra Das Cd Dark Moon Das Bros Trio
Comment by Jaijai Jackson on September 12, 2009 at 4:57pm

Reggie Hines, a talented and engaging saxophonist from New York City, presents his latest CD recording - "Live Your Life", here on The Jazz Network Worldwide!

The multi-instrumentalist (he played drums and bass guitar guitar before becoming an alto saxophonist) has a rich and diverse musical background which has given him the depth to become a successful traditional and contemporary jazz artist.
Reggie is a fully trained musician, who also has a love and a great interest in other ethnic music and has studied Hindu, Arabian, Japanese and other musical cultures. He also began composing within many different musical genres, which gave him a wider scope to work with many artists in different genres and helped him define the direction he wanted to take in his own musical journey.
"Live Your Life !" is a multi-colored diverse set of contemporary jazz tunes with some compelling and hip arrangements. In his career, Mr. Hines has also produced many artists in other genres of music, including rap, funk, R & B, fusion, salsa and reggae music. This background as a producer has enabled Reggie Hines to forge with a focused purpose a collage of compositions on this recording that exemplify the best of contemporary jazz.

As a saxophonist, Mr. Hines has a melodic and soulful sound which is beginning to take on some of the characteristics of a voice of his very own! He has taken special care to assemble a cast of talented backup instrumentalists and vocalists to promote a lively upbeat and soulful recording!
It is quite evident that Reggie Hines has a blessed future ahead of him, and I congratulate him and his colleagues on a fine recording!
Steve Getz
CD Reviewer/Writer
The Jazz Network Worldwide
August 2009

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Comment by Jaijai Jackson on August 10, 2009 at 2:44am

JULY 2009

Ed Epstein, an American jazz baritone saxophonist, who lives in Sweden, presents his new recording "Bari My Heart", fronting his Group, The Epstein-Kroner Bari-Bone Connection. The recording features the somewhat unusual pairing of the front men, Mr.Epstein on baritone, and Erling Kroner on trombone. The recording is an enlightening display of the rapport between the two men, each an accomplished musician on their respective instruments. Mr.Epstein and Mr. Kroner are backed by a solid rhythm section featuring Marie Louise Schmidt, on piano; Goran Schelin on bass; and Dennis Drud on drums. For straight ahead jazz lovers, this a recording not to be missed!

Highlights of the recording:

- "I'm Trying-I'm Dying" is a lively opening track, written by Erling Kroner, displaying the keen rapport between the two front men, backed by the nimble, inventive trio behind them.

- "Candombe Domingus" is a Latin piece by the same composer, highlighting the infectious and spirited interplay between the two men, followed by a fine, probing solo by pianist, Marie Louise Schmidt.

- "Heartwave" is a ballad composed by Mr.Epstein, showcasing some lovely horn harmonies by the two front men and a beautiful introspective piano solo by Ms.Schmidt once again.

- "Figment Fragment" is a stomping uptempo tune by the late great trombonist, Jimmy Knepper, who once gained fame and notoriety with the legendary jazz bassist,Charles Mingus.

- "The Marchioness" is composed by bassist Goran Schelin, featuring a marching cadence in the opening segment of the tune,continuing throughout.

- "Flatbush" is written by Mr.Epstein, once again demonstrates the adventuresome interplay between the two horn men. Ms.Schmidt also offers a playful piano solo here.

- "Open Letter to Jimmy Knepper" written by Mr. Kroner,pays tribute to the late trombonist and sideman to Charles Mingus.

- "Bari My Heart", the title track, is a swinging tune composed by the leader, with good solos throughout.

- "Adams In The Apple"another Knepper composition, is the rousing closer for this session, with interesting solos throughout. Mr. Epstein's solo stands out in particular, a fitting close to a wonderful session!

Congratulations, Ed Epstein on a fine recording!

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It's an honor to have this opportunity to present "Bari My Heart" to the Jazz Network, and to have it reviewed by Mr. Getz. This is a forum that is so huge and far-reaching that it's awesome. Jaijai, you are doing such a great service to the world of jazz musicians, fans, and the music itself.

Ed Epstein

Comment by Jaijai Jackson on June 19, 2009 at 1:27am


Joani Taylor, the "First Lady Of The Jazz Ballad" as she is known in her native Canada, is an engaging, emotional and intimate jazz singer, who presents here her new recording" In My Own Voice" on Wetcoast Records. She is a jazz veteran in the truest sense, who exhibits in this recording a wide and diverse spectrum of musical gifts highlighting her amazing agility of handling different material with the ease of a total professional. Her voice stays with you and "visits" for a while...She can move you to tears in a ballad, swing you wild in an up tempo number, and prompt you to have fun along with her on her playful songs. Ms.Taylor is true to herself stylistically;
she has her own sound and musical color. Some of the musical highlights:

The CD opens with the lively, up tempo track, "Just Let Go", where she swings hard and engages her tenor saxophonist, Ross Taggart, who is up to the musical challenge to take her on with some witty and inventive musical exchanges. Mr.Taggart shows he was influenced by the late great tenor man Joe Henderson; he has a similar dark tenor tone, and plays with muscular inventiveness and vigor. "The Secret" is a lovely, touching ballad, which is an example of Joani's tender and sensitive side; her voice is crystal clear,poignant and sincere. "Take Five" is a surprise! Who better to breathe some new life into the Brubeck standard! This is a funky and playful rendition, with some sprinklings of "Rap Jazz",as I call it, with the addition of rapper Jay Kin on the track! Now that's some real musical and fun loving creativity! Joani shows she is a competent scat singer on "Lucky In Love". "You Are My Sunshine" brings new life into the tune, here a ballad, with a soulful and introspective reading of the classic song. "Compared To What" the Les McCann-Eddie Harris hit finds Joani having fun again, in a hip version of the tune. The CD closes with "Jim's Lament", once again highlighting Joani's talent for touching your heart, in another lovely ballad.

Congratulations Joani Taylor, on a terrific new recording! What a gift you are to all of us!

Steve Getz
The Jazz Network
May 2009

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“I am very much humbled by this review and at the same time I'm thrilled that Steve Getz really feels what I “go for” when I perform all the material I choose to record or sing on stage. We, my band and I want to play deeply and at our highest level on every recording. We expose our compassion with no overdubs or digital fixes, but we can't really tell everybody before they hear us that this is all live, and even if we do they don't always understand all that that means these days. I am so happy for Steve's educated observations and I'm thrilled to include this review with my others for "In My Own Voice" This is very important to our promotion efforts. Thank you so much".

~Joani Taylor

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Comment by Irene on May 19, 2009 at 9:03pm
I have a new CD out called "A Song of You" and I'd love to have you review it.


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Jaijai, what a wonderful mission you've undertaken to create such a place for artistic minds to meet and share their hearts. A place to renew faded determinations, and revive lessened momentums. A place to display our wares and reconfirm to one another that we actually are on the right track.

I commend you, Jaijai, for caring so much that you created this castle of the heart for all of us. I want to share my praise for all of the new friends as well as old friends that I've met and will meet here in our castle. Here we can garnish the where-with-all, the strength, the conviction, and the selflessness through our symbiosis, to share our gift to the world with an unbiased agenda.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda says of art: "A beautiful flower delights and refreshes the hearts of all people equally, no matter what soil it grows in. That is the power of beauty. The same is true of great art. It is this spirit that the German poet Heinrich Heine sang of when he wrote that once the peapod bursts open, the sugar peas inside are for everyone to enjoy."

Let's be audacious, my friends!

Buster Williams


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