Eveyone is having the same story about booking
at every level of playing. Another option I thought
of and have worked it a little across the pond
(Romania, Czech, Germany,) Is to use local musicians/bands.

I'm interested in setting up a network of musicians around the world
that are available to play concerts in their area for artist that are on tour
in their area (state/country).
The expense of traveling with a band and van full of gear is sometimes not
possible and one way to get around it is to have the featured artist travel
alone, and forward the music (MP3/Charts) ahead of time to musicians/bands.

This will require independent musicians that can work on their own, have
gear, transportation, reading music not required but, will be a plus, and work
in a band on the spur of the moment with say, 1 or 2 rehearsals, have a site
were people can hear/see them play. Myspace & YouTube page will be the places.
Would be great for bands that can back a singer/featured artist.

Hope you can get the picture of the network and it's value. That's all for now
until we get some responses to this, Pro's & Con's, as I'm sure there will be.

Please reply with comments, concerns, interests and so on.
Do you think it can generate work for musicians around the world ?

Steve Clarke ... Bridgeport, CT USA
Hear my music:
See me play:

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world"

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Replies to This Discussion

Sounds great ! Just when I posted this 7 months ago all these things were not available here and everyone has a video on Youtube/Myspace.
You have done a GREAT thing here and I enjoy being a part.
I will go check out these groups you mentioned as I have been going on tour in Europe every year for the past 10 years.
Thanks for writing
This is how we work! That's the greatest thing about Jazz - If you've got good players (good charts help too) it takes very little rehearsal time. I'd love to be a member of this International group. European tour sounds great right now!
FREEPORT is prepared and has backed up traveling artists. We can offer just about any combination of players needed. Contact us at FreeportJazz@triad.rr.com and let's get started.
Hi, this is a cool concept. I often tried to organize tours with my own trio...but it was way too expensive! So if you need somebody in the Vienna(Austria/Europe) area pleas feel free to contact me via www.gradwohl.at. best Gerald
Thanks Gerald
Will definetly keep you in mind as I visit that part of the world every year. Played @ Tunnel in Vien last year. Back on CZ & SK to play in April/May, so will be close (Bratislava). Lets stay in touch... sclarke@hopnboprecords.com
Hi Steve,
yes -let's stay in contact... where do you play in CZ and SK? you can mail me at kontakt@gradwohl.at. best Gerald
Hi Steve,
I love your idea and I think it is so practical....would be really cool to be part of that listing.
No need to start another network, this idea has been basically put in place. If you go to GROUPS, you will see that I have created a network for each state and one also for international and some countries. I will create those that you are looking to have as a contact point and I can send out a broadcast message to this effect for those musicians that want to jump on this bandwagon. Stanley Jordan's band went to Germany early on when I first started the network and their bass player got food poisoning, they jumped on The Jazz Network, keyed in 'bass player Germany' found a woman bass player who was available and slammed the gig is what I heard. The were so thankful for this sourcing at a moments notice. For those independent artists that feel comfortable using musicians in the area they are traveling to, this is a great source. So if you will, let me know the countries you would like for me to create and I'll do that for you and I'll send out a message for those to join those groups with their bios and preferably a link to hear their artistry so that these decisions can be made for the engagements that you speak of.

Contact me,
I live in the Riverside county area, I would like to network with people in my area. Does the jazz network have friends in the area?
Hi, Jai Jai ~

Thanks so much for all you do here! I will be heading to Cairo, Egypt in November for some shows. I would love see a Cairo group of jazz musicians to contact for gigs with me there.

I'll also be in Rome, Italy and Madrid Spain, but I think I have my players lined up there so far! Cairo would be great.

Keep up the wonderful work! We all love you ~

Warm Wishes,
Hi Steve,

You are right on point. Please put me in your network. I have a base in Berlin, Germany as well as in New York. Contact me via email; rayblueisax@yahoo.com or call me at 646-319-8008
Please contact me and we can talk in detail. I´m in the states now.


Ray Blue
WHAT GOING ON RAY I AM Jazz Vocalist Ray lesonn member of jazz network all my information there tracks , bio etc... look me up ...hi lets all get together as a group to help keep jazz a-live I love coltrance.... you may contact me at 863-547-4844 or 407-572-5527 (peace)



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