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  • CD Artwork

    18 members Latest Activity: Jan 19, 2016 A group to offer and request artwork for your CD.

  • Blogging....with fans

    13 members Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2011 Let's talk about why this is so important....

  • Vocal Stage Performance Mentorship

    15 members Latest Activity: Jan 19, 2016 Paulette McWilliams vocal veteran to the pro's offers her special techniques to those that need that 'little extra' polish in vocal stage performance

  • Male Vocalists

    57 members Latest Activity: Aug 24, 2017 OK guys, you know what to do, have fun sharing your stories, wisdom and musicianship.

  • The New Orleans Network

    12 members Latest Activity: Jun 16, 2012 To all the people with heritage from Louisiana with that deep culture, the birthplace of Gumbo and Jazz roots, to keep our roots alive by sharing…

  • Suggestion Box

    138 members Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2017 Here we can put our suggestions as to how we can make The Jazz Network Worldwide better, bigger and more useful to our careers and networking…

  • Los Angeles Musician Connection

    160 members Latest Activity: Dec 7, 2015 This is where the Los Angeles musicians hook up with each other, share thoughts, jam sessions, etc.

  • Event Planners Worldwide

    278 members Latest Activity: Jul 12, 2018 Event Planners are key to the livelihood of a musician. From special events to industrials, festivals, etc. Here is where event planners can find…

  • Healing Through Music Wellness

    225 members Latest Activity: Apr 27, 2016 This is a unique gift, to bring music into retirement homes, long term care facilities, children's hospitals, homes for the aged, play flute, violin,…

  • Helping Musicians In Need

    132 members Latest Activity: Jan 12, 2018 Chazz Dixon, a dear friend of The Jazz Network Family could use our help.

  • Need Internet Promotion??

    76 members Latest Activity: Apr 12, 2018 For those of you that need that "extra kick" of internet promotion, make sure to join this group so that you can get heard by those that have this…

  • Artists Recording Collective

    87 members Latest Activity: Aug 24, 2017 The A R C is a brand new concept in creative recorded music label branding ...

  • The Jazz Network Mentoring

    11 members Latest Activity: Jan 8, 2012 Musician, Educator, Producer Ron Kearns shares his wisdom regarding presenting yourself independently to the music marketplace.

  • European Jazz

    57 members Latest Activity: Apr 1, 2012 This Group is for the new generation of European jazz musicians and not only, whose are giving their contribute to the new identity of European Jazz.

  • Jazz in France

    54 members Latest Activity: Nov 14, 2012 A place for French Musicians

  • Atlanta Jazz

    79 members Latest Activity: Sep 1, 2013 This is an extension of the Atlantajazz list on Yahoo --this site might actually breed better results, greater networking possibilities, and a…

  • New York /New Jersey Jazz Network

    139 members Latest Activity: Mar 10, 2014 A great place to network!

  • Jazz Pianists

    60 members Latest Activity: Feb 24, 2012 I have been blessed to know some very talented pianists in my life, tell us about you and what you care to bring to the network....

  • Let's Create The Jazz Network Worldwide Award Show!!

    439 members Latest Activity: Feb 9, 2017 I'm sick and tired of seeing that Jazz doesn't get its due at the Grammy's, It's time we all come together and have a strong voice... Who's with me?

  • Indigenous Inspirations and Revelations

    19 members Latest Activity: Jul 20, 2010 Music influenced by Indigenous cultures. Traditional Culture styles fused with modern electronics created new styles in JAZZ & other genres.

















Jaijai, what a wonderful mission you've undertaken to create such a place for artistic minds to meet and share their hearts. A place to renew faded determinations, and revive lessened momentums. A place to display our wares and reconfirm to one another that we actually are on the right track.

I commend you, Jaijai, for caring so much that you created this castle of the heart for all of us. I want to share my praise for all of the new friends as well as old friends that I've met and will meet here in our castle. Here we can garnish the where-with-all, the strength, the conviction, and the selflessness through our symbiosis, to share our gift to the world with an unbiased agenda.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda says of art: "A beautiful flower delights and refreshes the hearts of all people equally, no matter what soil it grows in. That is the power of beauty. The same is true of great art. It is this spirit that the German poet Heinrich Heine sang of when he wrote that once the peapod bursts open, the sugar peas inside are for everyone to enjoy."

Let's be audacious, my friends!

Buster Williams


Ezra Collective Sets The 'Quest For Coin' To A Fast-Paced Jazz Soundtrack

The millennial London jazz band shares an expeditious, vibrant single from its upcoming debut album, You Can't Steal My Joy.

With 'Fyah,' Theon Cross Makes An Electric Statement From London's Jazz Underground

The rambunctious, indefatigable tuba player and composer makes a lot of joyful noise on London's jazz scene — part heavy anchor, part combustion engine, with a will to set any groove aflame.

Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

A new collaboration from Karen O and Danger Mouse, a fresh new beat from French producer FKJ and a new single from Jack White's The Raconteurs are among this month's favorites.

For Betty Carter, 'The Music Never Stops' — Even 27 Years Later

On March 29, 1992, Betty Carter performed The Music Never Stops at Alice Tully Hall in New York. This spring, that classic concert can be relived once again.

A Reunion Of Brotherly Love: Joey DeFrancesco Traces His Roots

Christian McBride interviews one of his oldest friends, organist Joey DeFrancesco, in their hometown of Philadelphia.

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