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Jazztimes Article on my Mother, Rebecca Parris and two other Vocalists, Baby Jane Dexter and Rhiannon -HEALING MISSION

My friend Jim Gavin just launched his website, Jim is an outstanding writer and is currently working on a biography of Lena Horne, to be published by Simon and Schuster. Jim has quite a few of his magazine and newspaper articles posted and I was pleased to see he had this empowering and heart-wrenching article on three great singers and teachers of jazz/cabaret and their efforts to help others heal through singing/performing. Hope you enjoy - I'm providing the link… Continue

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The next Step?

Herbie Hancocks CD The River is due to sell over 35,00 CDs this week.It is #1 on Amazon.It shows that there is still an audience out there for quality music.That is what I live for-To make high quality music that resonates with the audience.

Luther Vandross once said to me-"I make The best pizza in town-It's the delivery system that gets it to the customer cold.Luther was very wise and on the money.I learned a lot from him.The music is out there-The delivery system is broken.People will… Continue

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The ESSENCE RADIO SHOW - Host Kara Johnstad + Pass it on to everybody who understands the symbolic beauty of the lotus blossom. February 16 + 1 7, 200…

The ESSENCE RADIO SHOW - Host Kara Johnstad +

Pass it on to everybody who understands the symbolic beauty of the lotus blossom.

February 16 + 1 7, 2008

This weeks artists! Peggy Lee, James Ashar, Deepak Chorpra, Yunchen Lhamo, dechen Shak Dagsay, Vladiswar Nadishana, Amir Baghiri, Emilie-Claire Barlow, Milagro Acustico, Till Brönner, Erika Kawashimo, Wynton Marsalis, David Newman,… Continue

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Sonny Rollins on Black History Month and Jazz

Check out this iTunes Street Official Real Talk interview with Sonny Rollins. It's a free podcast download.

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Grammy & Jazz - NY Times 2/12/08

A Victory for Jazz, or Just Grammy Being Grammy?


Published: February 12, 2008

When something newsworthy or popular or positive happens to a jazz musician — a big award, say — many in the jazz world feel astonished for about four seconds, then quickly act very smug. You know: We’ve been sitting here patiently, full of our aesthetic virtue, so used to being ignored, and the world has finally come around to our point of view. Are we happy about it? More to the point,… Continue

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Never Tell An Indian How To Start A Fire

Never tell an Indian how to start a fire.

Indians have been starting fires for a long time.

They’ve always had to stay warm and watchful.

From the prairies to the Pueblos,

setting fires of protection and protest,

fires of inspiration, revolution, survival.

Fires in their bellies and their spirits.

Funeral pyres and pow-wows,

pipe smoke, and drums with fiery rhythms.

They know how…


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Jesus and Jazz

I remember the event as though it were yesterday. August of 1992. I was on a retreat up at beautiful Lake Arrowhead. Birds were singing. Trees so majestic with an occasional breeze to move their leaves and remind them of their Creator. It was an awesome weekend until 'IT' happened. There was an evangelist there who told me that God wasn't pleased with my career choice, and that I needed to stop singing blues and jazz. Why, I asked. She then informed me that it caused drug use, drunkenness and… Continue

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Lydia at the Frankfurter Messe with the fabulous David "Fingers" Haynes!

Hi everybody,
I am playing at the Frankfurter Music Messe from 12 till 15th of March in Frankfurt with the awesome David "Fingers" Haynes. I know him via this site...thejazznetwork. Check him:
Hope to see y'all there :-)
Take care,

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Herbie Hancock wins Album of the Year

I didn't catch the Grammy's tonight, but it's great to hear that Hancock won album of the year for the Joni Mitch Letters album. This is seriously great for Hancock and for Jazz over all. Thanks to Bibi for announcing that Hancock was up for nomination. I wouldn't have known that if not for reading it here.

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To Do: Attend a jazz concert

I've been so jazzed by this site (pun intended) that I'm making it a goal this year to attend at least one jazz concert here in Sacramento or the Bay Area. It's been like over ten years since I've attended a jazz concert. I've become so disconnected from this part of the world. I'm going to keep a look out on what jazz concerts are coming up and see about checking out one.

Also started reading Mile's autobiography. It's going to be entertaining as well as informative. The work of… Continue

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Absolutely wonderful book on Jazz improvisation !!!!

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal

This will certainly be the definitive source on improvisational jazz. A leader in the field, Berliner (ethnomusicology, Northwestern) covers all aspects of improvisation as art form, science, and way of life. Cutting no corners, he includes a vast range of article topics (from inspiration and arrangements to evaluation and audience interaction), music…

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Concert artists, you need a personal photographer?

Concert artists, if you need a personal photographer here in the Sacramento or Bay Area, give me a holla. I would love to be a part of your show asa photographer.

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Glad I found this community

In just my first day here, I've linked to so many wonderful members and artists in this network. For a while I've gotten out of touch with what's going on in the jazz world. Already I've added Marcus Miller, Brotha.Deep, Mamdouh Bahiri, and Frank McComb's cuts to my collection. I have Jay Lou Ava and Seiko Akita are the list for near future downloads.
Thank you all.

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A Story Of Jazz In Sydney


The 1970s and 80s were a unique and exceptional time for jazz in Sydney Australia. In the inner city area there was jazz everywhere. every pub, club and restaurant had a jazz group and it wasn't all watered down jazz for the average punter either. The music was new, fresh and vibrant and the people came to hear it in droves.

Sydney is no stranger to jazz, it has a long history of involvement with the music, going back to the 1920s in fact. During the…


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The Dance ~M'swordswithmusic

MoonlightDance.gif Moonlight Dance image by mista_kane
Touch me you have
i just inhale your private message's
so i'm going to
kick of my shoes
to honour you
with a dance
that takes me
straight into a trance
sensual lips i find love's embrace…

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Face Forward......

We wanted to reach out to you out there and begin to bridge the cyber-gap but saying (writing) a few words about the music we've posted; but first, a little about ourselves. As some may already know from the 'About Me' section on this profile this group is comprised of Gene Lake (drums), Gregoire Maret (harmonica) and myself...Federico Gonzalez Pena…


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Music and Marriage

So here's todays question. After having looked at several profiles and seen that several of the men musicians are married and more of the women musicians are not, I had to ask myself a question. Are there more women who are willing to be married to a musician than the opposite? I'd really like to hear folks' thoughts on this. Ava

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(inspired by the first line, which was written by Gian Dodge)

The Shaman's in the Amazon,

the Dali Lama's in the Bahamas.

One monk is in the monkey house

the other in the mountains.

Got gurus in the garage,

Mahatma’s got his ma-hat-on.

The Maharishi’s in the sushi,

Yogi's eating yogurt in the Yucatan.

Krishna’s in the kitchen



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Scion Sunday Night Jazz Series Presents Monica Ramey

Nashville jazz vocalist, Monica Ramey, will be performing at the Scion Sunday Night Jazz Series at Café Coco on Sunday, February 17th at 8:30pm.

Joining Monica will be James Hollihan (guitar), Max McKellar (bass) and Colin Fagan (drums).…


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well guys, today i took my first lesson of TRUMPET!

it's a very difficult instrument, but
so charming...

that's all, folks!


Added by sabrina colombo on February 4, 2008 at 1:47pm — 2 Comments

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Jaijai, what a wonderful mission you've undertaken to create such a place for artistic minds to meet and share their hearts. A place to renew faded determinations, and revive lessened momentums. A place to display our wares and reconfirm to one another that we actually are on the right track.

I commend you, Jaijai, for caring so much that you created this castle of the heart for all of us. I want to share my praise for all of the new friends as well as old friends that I've met and will meet here in our castle. Here we can garnish the where-with-all, the strength, the conviction, and the selflessness through our symbiosis, to share our gift to the world with an unbiased agenda.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda says of art: "A beautiful flower delights and refreshes the hearts of all people equally, no matter what soil it grows in. That is the power of beauty. The same is true of great art. It is this spirit that the German poet Heinrich Heine sang of when he wrote that once the peapod bursts open, the sugar peas inside are for everyone to enjoy."

Let's be audacious, my friends!

Buster Williams


Wayne Shorter Travels The Spaceways

A new album by the octogenarian saxophonist is always a big deal, but his latest — and the winner of the 2018 Jazz Critics Poll — is also just plain big: 3 discs and an 84-page graphic novel.

The 2018 NPR Music Jazz Critics Poll

Over 130 critics voted on the best jazz albums of 2018 — celebrated elders dominated the top of the results, but a class of younger musicians is rising.

'Jazz Night In America' Remembers Artists We Lost In 2018

Friends of the show offer memories and music of pianist Cecil Taylor, Village Vanguard owner Lorraine Gordon, South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela and trumpeter Roy Hargrove.

Nate Chinen's Favorite Albums Of 2018

For NPR Music's jazz critic and the editorial director of WBGO, 2018 was a year that saw music — not just jazz — in the throes of a creative boom, rocketing in many directions.

The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra Performs Big Band Holiday Classics

New arrangements, old Yuletide classics. Watch the annual Jazz at Lincoln Center Big Band Holidays concert live on Wed., December 19th at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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