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December 1st, 2009

Still waiting... still watching.

Dear Reader, the season of Advent is upon us. Many New Orleanians behold this time of year solemnly. We are blessed with breezy, balmy Sundays; and much more compelled by the power of love in the chill, and A/C hum-less still of the night.

Looking back, I am reminded that it was in this time of year when I returned to my home, after having… Continue

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November 26th, 2009 – Thanksgiving Day.

Dear Reader, here is a gift of gratitude. A quick introduction to Louise Dupont Barker, legendary Blues singer and, wife of Danny Barker for 68 years. Born in New Orleans on the 13th of November, 1913 - she was known as 'Blu Lu.'


As the holidays unfold this year, I will lovingly get into Danny & Lu's business. I believe that there are great lessons to be known from their partnership. Thus,… Continue

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November 24th, 2009

I wildly speculate: The first two words of English utilized by Africans in America? “Have mercy.” Mr. Barker is deathly aimed in his defense in the following excerpt. He is swift in his overview of just how America got the Blues.


Nevertheless... I hope that this edition of Afro-American Music:101 will turn out to be about forgiveness. In the following excerpt, Mr. Barker is in the middle… Continue

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November 17th, 2009

Let us again begin with a mindfulness of our Ancestors.

By the rivers of Babylon where we sat down

and there we wept when we remembered Zion.

For the wicked carried us away captivity

require of us a song.

How can we sing out our song

in a strange land?

Our ancestors have sung this song for many, many generations. Its composition is attributed to the Prophet Jeremiah, over 2,500 years ago. When speaking of the slavery days (back… Continue

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November 10th, 2009

Dear Reader, I would now like to point to something that may be a bit shocking... though not surprising. It involves Danny Barker's significantly recurrent use of the word, they.


In this excerpt, (again and finally from March 15th, 1977) Mr. Barker is in the process of responding to a… Continue

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October 27th, 2009

The time has come to harvest. With just this side of two months remaining in this centennial of a Jazz culture true original, it has fallen upon me that I now focus my attention on presenting a fitting finale, to my study of the life and legacy of Daniel Moses Barker. I find myself referring to various excerpts presented in… Continue

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October 20th, 2009

“It's a whole turnaround.”


Peace & Pops,


Maison Musique, New Orleans


My Catalogue of CD's Available Thru A Locally Owned & Operated Retailer Worthy of Your Support:…


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October 13th, 2009

“I remember them; they would get violently angry if you asked them about their religion... which they newly joined.”

It's a touchy subject... religion. Nevertheless, Danny Barker stood his ground. I would say that Danny realized that something larger was a stake, in the story of Black people in America. Perhaps he also saw that Islam, “one of the great religions of the world,” would eventually take the world's spotlight. Thus, Danny Barker made this an issue worthy of his scrutiny,… Continue

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October 6th, 2009

Let's play this one by the numbers. Daniel Moses Barker was born in 1909. He relocated to New York in 1930 at the age of 21 years; thus completing his third seven-year cycle. In his earliest times in Harlem, Danny encountered some of the greatest minds of the 20th century. (Langston Hughes embodied one of such.) By the completion of his next seven-year cycle, Danny Barker was witness to a pivotal time in the history of Jazz. They year was 1937.…


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September 29th, 2009

“A jazz musician who has taken the spotlight on the world.”

Dear Reader, we return to a “very interesting subject” which Mr. Barker brought to the Xavier students of a generation ago. The case of Hamaas Khaalis, a Bebop drummer turned “revolutionst,” and the very true story of the Hanafi Siege which took place in Washington D.C. in 1977. I myself was 13 years old when the three-day stand-off occurred, and was unaware of it until I encountered Danny's cassette archives. I'll admit,… Continue

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September 22nd, 2009

Dear Reader, may we begin with a mindfulness of Mr. Danny Barker.


The back door is open and the windows are raised; it's Tuesday, March 15th, 1977 – I would guess that it's a beautiful day over the Xavier University campus. Nevertheless, it is time to let the bad air out. It is apparent that Mr. Barker is... "playing it cool." It is very interesting to hear how he carefully approaches… Continue

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September 15th, 2009

Cause and effect may be a natural law; although I will admit before you, Dear Reader: It is often an elusive mystery to me. Nevertheless, I keep thinking; (it aint illegal, yet.) As New Orleans' September song echos transitions of climate and weather, we can now gaze upon the beginning of the end of Summer 2009. With the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the 8th anniversary of the attacks on the the World Trade Center and Pentagon now also history, I will conduct these postings into… Continue

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September 8th, 2009

Sunday is a highly significant day of the week in New Orleans' living. Throughout each calendar year there is no season as potent in its swagger than that of the New Orleans Labor Day week-end. It has been told of, and reported but... truthfully, you must experience it.

Some people say that the Southern Decadence Parade, and the Black Men of Labor Parade have met each other... or at least, encountered each other... in passing on North Rampart Street – in between the Vieux Carre and… Continue

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September 1st, 2009

There is an aspect of New Orleans life which is not often spoken of: The New Orleans people are a society “with a great tolerance.”


I suppose that I am chastened, and humbled to agree. We still have it today – almost two generations down the road from Mr. Barker's days. This point of allowance that African-Americans seem to arrive at, in each generation (Danny and I prefer,… Continue

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August 27th, 2009 – White Buffalo Day/August 29th, 2009 – Four Years After

From this nation's Capitol! I'm here at the Action Factory – a climate change direct action project of – though the actions that will follow are apparently not to be done in the name of such. While the tribes join forces in Congo Square for White Buffalo Day, I and 'dakidz' are headed for the Reflecting… Continue

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August 25th, 2009

“How many of you have never heard of Dakota Staton?”


I have always heard and repeated – with a long 'A' vowel – the pronunciation of: Staton. Yet, even Mr. Barker is not exactly sure how to state the name of an artist whom he obviously respected; even though she was not of his generation. (It would be like me talking about, Alicia Keyes – but, ten years from… Continue

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August 18th, 2009

I begin this week's post with a characteristically emphatic questioning from Mr. Barker: “hell..?”


[So much for last week's expressed desire to, “keep it simple...”] Nevertheless, it seems that I am compelled now to address an issue head on – as my esteemed predecessor did with the Xavier students on January 25th (probably 1976.) That issue being: recognition and consequently, remuneration… Continue

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August 11th, 2009

It is the time of year in New Orleans when there is a general pervasive desire to “keep it simple...” my darlin'. Another Satchmo Summer Fest is now history; those of us who cannot (perhaps, will not) go anywhere else during the month of August are contemplating the arrival of NOLA's most dramatic calendar date, 8/29. The last days of August are the first days of “peak season” turning September into a heightened experience of madness and beauty.

The Black Men of Labor Social Aid… Continue

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August 4th, 2009 – Happy Birthday Pops!

“To be great.”


“That's what made you want... to be something.”

For me, the beautiful irony in Mr. Barker's statement to the Xavier students from 35 years ago is that, I have no idea who Ben Hogan is or was.

We all have some need to be something in life; this imperative usually results in the act of passing on life itself. Reproduction just may be the... most expedient… Continue

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July 28th, 2009

What becomes a 'classic' most?

classic |ˈklasik| adjective

judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

As far as Danny Barker was concerned, it took the Louis Armstrong recordings known as the 'Hot 5' and 'Hot 7' no more than 50 years to become classics.


From 1925-1928, when Armstrong had returned to… Continue

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Jaijai, what a wonderful mission you've undertaken to create such a place for artistic minds to meet and share their hearts. A place to renew faded determinations, and revive lessened momentums. A place to display our wares and reconfirm to one another that we actually are on the right track.

I commend you, Jaijai, for caring so much that you created this castle of the heart for all of us. I want to share my praise for all of the new friends as well as old friends that I've met and will meet here in our castle. Here we can garnish the where-with-all, the strength, the conviction, and the selflessness through our symbiosis, to share our gift to the world with an unbiased agenda.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda says of art: "A beautiful flower delights and refreshes the hearts of all people equally, no matter what soil it grows in. That is the power of beauty. The same is true of great art. It is this spirit that the German poet Heinrich Heine sang of when he wrote that once the peapod bursts open, the sugar peas inside are for everyone to enjoy."

Let's be audacious, my friends!

Buster Williams


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