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Emergency Dime

I always carried my emergency dime.

A phone call was 10 cents back then.

My dad would ask me if I had it on me.

It would be in a tiny purse or pocket,

in place of a penny in my loafer,

or chained to a belt loop in one of those plastic coin purses

that smelled so good I’d walk around with my nose in it.

My emergency dime had supernatural powers;

I could call from anywhere on the planet

and get my dad to come… Continue

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Ruth Hann Dodge - A Story, A Song

In the 1920’s a shy little girl named Ruth Hann

from a small northern town

with harsh winters and hard times,

challenged convention and her stoic upbringing

by picking up a “licorice stick” -

not the penny candy kind of licorice stick,

though it was sweet and good,

like Benny Goodman, whose music

that shy girl fell in love with at first note,

but a clarinet that she bought with pennies

she saved from… Continue

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Artist Unknown

Sad, painted lovers,

portrayed as right Romeo, left Juliet.

Eyes cast downward

in front of a marble alter,

in a fifteenth century church.

No cipher of a wedding,

yet an impression of

one final embrace.

Whose deliberate brush strokes

captured this eternal?

Unsigned, unnamed,

they left no trace.

This intrigues me.

Draws me closer,

close enough to see the surface cracks.

My eye… Continue

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Olfactory Response

It’s not the oddly pleasing scent

of far off skunk on a summer night,

or the promising waft of rich black dirt.

It’s a more halting, acrid odor,

one that fills my head and lingers,

and then it all comes back to me;

that one grade school summer

when a pungent smell filled my bedroom.

My mom and I looked everywhere

but we couldn’t find the source.

We left the windows open,

I slept with my nose in my pillow.

Then one day I was… Continue

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My Extemporaneous Explanation Of Existence

Who The Hell Is Marissa Dodge?

Raised on the rocky shores of Lake Superior by a pair of raving music, literature, and art lovers, I was deeply steeped in several types of musical tea - jazz being the strongest of the brews - from the womb on. It was evident that I would never Dodge my destiny or my progressive genes; so I gave up my career as a dancer, followed my mother’s stellar illustration and became a “lifer,” or lifelong musician. For the record, my two musical…


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Hummingbird In The House

"Hope is the thing with feathers." ~ Emily Dickinson

Hummingbird in the house,

even my cat is stunned

by the whirring blur

of miniature wings.

In an instant I catch it,

cup it gently in my hands.

She’s lighter than meringue

or a marshmallow,

a packing peanut, a petal,

a dandelion puff, or a cotton ball.

She’s a vibrating whiff of gray smoke,

this… Continue

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Wow! What a great b-day present from Marcus! :o)

A big THANK YOU to one of my all time favorite boundless bassists and matchless musicians, Marcus Miller, for releasing his latest CD on a very monumental day, my birthday! Now everyone will know what to get me. When the planets align and groove, they truly do. I'm glad this all came together. An infinite thank you for the music, Marcus :o)

Here's a grand toast to all of my jazz kin, I hope you'll all celebrate life and music even more on this auspicious day!

Peace, love,… Continue

Added by Marissa Dodge on March 4, 2008 at 12:05pm — 1 Comment

The Art Of Emptying Bottles

Every time I empty a bottle of vinegar, wine, or oil

I think of my Italian grandfather (who had the romantic name of Valentino DiSalvo)

and how he’d bet people that he could get 30 or 40 or 50

or more drops out of a seemingly empty bottle.

I can hear him making this statement in broken English

to the neighborhood people in his corner grocery store.

They gather around a wooden table, their shoes… Continue

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Never Tell An Indian How To Start A Fire

Never tell an Indian how to start a fire.

Indians have been starting fires for a long time.

They’ve always had to stay warm and watchful.

From the prairies to the Pueblos,

setting fires of protection and protest,

fires of inspiration, revolution, survival.

Fires in their bellies and their spirits.

Funeral pyres and pow-wows,

pipe smoke, and drums with fiery rhythms.

They know how…


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(inspired by the first line, which was written by Gian Dodge)

The Shaman's in the Amazon,

the Dali Lama's in the Bahamas.

One monk is in the monkey house

the other in the mountains.

Got gurus in the garage,

Mahatma’s got his ma-hat-on.

The Maharishi’s in the sushi,

Yogi's eating yogurt in the Yucatan.

Krishna’s in the kitchen



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Boots Don’t Make You Bootsy

Vibe-rant yellow boots and silver leaf bag suits,

impenetrable vinyl so the chemicals aren't liable

to leak into you or ruin your processed do.

Change up the groove from double time, blood,

"Breakwater" appears to be ready for a flood.

At first I wondered why you were in a shower room,

now I get the point that your gear is waterproof,

Tell me do you merely clean up crime scenes,

or slosh through sewers, drains,… Continue

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She is the densest darkness of the woods;

impenetrable until daylight, and even then,

pit-falled and precarious.

You think you can avoid her if you wait until morning,

but she’s a vapor that creeps though the cracks of any room

like Radon - undetectable by canary or aqueduct trout.

I glance up from my book and she’s appeared.

Her head tilted like a Jikata listening

for the strains of a song.

Teeth slightly… Continue

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Waiting For Fagen

I’m up, with my ear to the universe again

listening and waiting for Fagen.

I stare at his latest portrait;

his graying stubble and well worn lines,

the wicked double waves of his protruding lips.

I study the backgrounds of his photographs;

try to make out the titles of the books on his shelves,

the tiny models of buildings, the ornate clock on his desk.

I pore over the precise way he holds his… Continue

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Sarah Seas

Written while listening to Sarah Vaughan sing, “In A Sentimental Mood.”


I see you

solely floating

on the surface of a song;

once an ocean,

now a universe.

You fill your lungs

then dive dangerously deep

into Music’s mysterium.

In this tête-à-tête with Breath,

you ceaselessly come up

with a mouthful of pearls,

which you eloquently

transform into priceless…

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A painting,
a puzzle,
a prayer.

A song,
a soul,
a shore.

A need,
a now,
a never.

A dream,
a death,
a door.

(c) 2006 Marissa Dodge

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Jaijai, what a wonderful mission you've undertaken to create such a place for artistic minds to meet and share their hearts. A place to renew faded determinations, and revive lessened momentums. A place to display our wares and reconfirm to one another that we actually are on the right track.

I commend you, Jaijai, for caring so much that you created this castle of the heart for all of us. I want to share my praise for all of the new friends as well as old friends that I've met and will meet here in our castle. Here we can garnish the where-with-all, the strength, the conviction, and the selflessness through our symbiosis, to share our gift to the world with an unbiased agenda.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda says of art: "A beautiful flower delights and refreshes the hearts of all people equally, no matter what soil it grows in. That is the power of beauty. The same is true of great art. It is this spirit that the German poet Heinrich Heine sang of when he wrote that once the peapod bursts open, the sugar peas inside are for everyone to enjoy."

Let's be audacious, my friends!

Buster Williams


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Joel Ross And His (Exceptionally) Good Vibes

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