“There's no place like home!”

Well... Dorothy, truer words you never did speak after!! Judy Garland continued on to play the great role of, American Cultural Icon... once she delivered the message (1939) – an answer preluded by the immortal song of hope, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Today, I proclaim St. Dorothy's prophecy! and as it so appears that I could raise Old Dot's offer: As my home is New Orleans... Truly I say to you, Dear Reader, there is no place like my home!

And somewhere... over the rainbow, we will know the final act for the Earth Day Disaster. To be certain, while improvement has been met, in the overall situation, it is apparent that they are dealing with a geophysical force that they aren't really quite sure themselves of what will come to pass. I confess, I've suspected this for a while now. BP seems to want to... forgo the Relief Well, which is what they have been stating previously, repeatedly, as the... final solution. 'Daddy' Thad Allen, to BP: “The Government Scientific Technical Team has determined that the benefits of the bottom kill procedure outweigh the risks.”

The risks...?!

To quote Louis Armstrong, “Hmp!”

Get a peek at 'Daddy Thad's whole directive. I saw it.

Officially, on my long Journey America Summer 2010, I had some great joys, and some deep caring, a few thrills and trills and, a significant amount of laughs and love shared. Again, Love & Gratitude to my hosts in D.C., A. Billy S. Jones-Hennin & Cristopher Hennin-Jones! and in Brooklyn of course, Linda Cronin-Gross (and, We Couldn't Have Done It Without, Kevin Jenkins!) I will return to both great cities no later than next July. Much thanks for the friends of old and new whom I did see, and some whom I got to make music with: Barry Kornhauser, Eric Salezar, Tomas Doncher, and the aforementioned Kevin Jenkins. And finally, the ubiquitous last entry, Arlee Leonard.

Nonetheless, I am back at Maison Musique, and have been so for a week and a half of some of the most intense climate changes that the area is known for. I live without A/C, mostly. Its rewards are two-fold: Firstly, less money to pay the Enemy, and secondarily, I remain closer in touch with the Natural world. It is a terrifically wondrous contact. Indeed, I must bow down to my ceiling fans – which were here when I got the right keys – and the oscillating stand-up model in my master bedroom – which was a post-Katrina hand-me-down from a friend dating back to my radio days.

Nevertheless, there are moments when I deeply relish the historic architecture of my side-hall, camel-back cottage: the double-sashed, six-light portals located on each north and south side of the wood-frame, and the deeply ample wooden front porch over two side-by-side double-hung plate glass windows, and the French doors and shutters off the side yard of the southern exposure, and once the sun begins to go down, I must have (and do & be) my wildly vegetative back yard. I am so glad to know the simple pleasure of standing tall beneath a canopy of Banana leaves.

“Excellent Bananas!” – Fr. Jerome Ledoux

And of course, excellent music... excellent sweat... excellent getting-down! Excellent revelation, excellent Awareness! And as always, we are seeking the perfect praise. I invite anyone to Maison Musique for: a week-end stay (or longer) in my guest room – available for any reasonable offer of donation or barter. Furthermore, I welcome all at 7:00 p.m. every evening (unless I am working or otherwise engaged) to come and experience the music of Music Street.

“Imagination is funny...” – Eckstine is preferred but, Sinatra will do.

Funny or not, I'm gonna use what I got to get what I... need. New Orleans and the Gulf Coast is becoming more and more “post-Katrina.” With the fifth anniversary less than two weeks away, and with a coastline contaminated, and a very large body of water polluted – I suppose it may be fair to say that, post-Katrina New Orleans is where I wanna be! [NO NEW BUSINESS! PLEASE.] We gotta get through Labor Day/Decadence 2010! And we look proudly to The Saints Season Opener – at the Dome... So would you join with me when I submit that I will celebrate, in my home, the coming of my 47th year of life... come Thursday, 09/30/2010. Please pray with us. Please care for us.

“Time alone, Oh! time will tell...” – Bob Marley.


Peace & Pops,
Maison Musique, New Orleans
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Comment by Esquizito on August 20, 2010 at 8:36am

"Flip, flop & fly... y'all know the reason why." - Joe Turner

Blowout preventer from damaged oil well in Gulf of Mexico will be replaced (Times-Picayune)

"Last week while preparing for the bottom kill, long considered the ultimate solution for plugging the runaway well, the team became anxious that pumping mud and cement into the well might increase pressure inside the well, dislodging about 1,000 barrels of now-stagnant oil in the well's annulus, an outer shell. The oil is trapped above a cement plug holding back oil from the subterranean reservoir and below a seal at the top of the annulus. Without a mechanism in place to relieve it, a rise in pressure could push the oil beyond the seal and into the well column, where it could damage the well's original blowout preventer and, perhaps, escape into the water."

Love & Gratitude to the water.

May the Petrochemical Age now begin to come to a peaceful end.

Peace & Pops,


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