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At 9:38am on June 17, 2011, Joyce Spencer said…

Hi Edson, thanks for inquiring about my music. I just sent you an electronic press kit to your email.  I have several tracks from my CD. Please let me know which tracks you would like & I will send it to you.  Thanks.


At 3:48am on June 15, 2011, Petra Caramela said…
hi again! ok, why not.. gimme your address then. i am not russian, i am czech. we would consider calling someone "tovarisch" an "insult" hahaha.. better call me sistah. ciao, talk to you soon :o)
At 5:08pm on June 14, 2011, Ray Brown said…
Hi, unfortunately I am not the son of Ray Brown the famous bass player. In my music union there are at least 6 Ray Browns. I would love to have my music played in Brazil....what do you need from me?
At 9:25am on June 14, 2011, Mickey Carroll said…
Hi Edson  I invite you to view some of my music history with Soul Train Some of the music I wrote has been re-released by a few famous artist This is an interesting r&b jazz approach to my songs . I hope you enjoy

At 5:56am on June 14, 2011, Petra Caramela said…
hi again and thanks for a very interesting comment! yes yes i live in bruxelas, before in holland and few more european countries :o) ok, i will check out the S.Getz community.. interesting information. of course it would an honour if you found a way to use some of my songs for your program, let me know what you're up to, keep in touch, take care, many regards from the ChocolateLand! ;o) pC
At 1:04pm on June 11, 2011, Frank Piombo said…
Edson, grazie asai! A presto, Frank
At 12:02am on June 9, 2011, David Gee said…
Hi Edson Thank for your friendship please drop by again check out more new music. add your  comment.your friend TheG.Man
At 2:42am on June 7, 2011, Petra Caramela said…


At 6:58am on June 6, 2011, Mickey Carroll said…

Hi Edson  Good hearing from you I'm glad to hear you received my CD Old Dogs

It is great to hear you will play it in July . That is what every artist wants to hear .


All the best with your radio show

God Bless


Mickey Carroll



At 4:16pm on June 4, 2011, Mark Daniel Uncle said…
could I email you the song files and you can upload them to the Radio ? if not can you email me your address so I can mail you a CD . Mark Daniel Uncle my email is unclemark98@yahoo.com  Thank You
At 2:00pm on June 4, 2011, Mary MacGowan said…

Sounds awesome, thanks for stopping by.  As you can tell from the one song I linked in, I am in the demo stage, nothing ready for airplay.  Thanks for your interest, that is cool!


I have an Americana music website:  www.morningglorythecd.com


I've moved on to jazz since then, but you might enjoy the site.




At 1:09pm on May 26, 2011, JamminJoe said…
ok i got the address again thank you
At 11:39am on May 26, 2011, JamminJoe said…
Hi Edison, It's me JamminJoe from Las Vegas, I sent you an  email to luizkrug@bol.com.br. Let me know when you got it.
At 6:53am on May 24, 2011, Mickey Carroll said…

Hey Edson  Hope all is going well . Thanks again for your interest let me know if you received my CD



At 8:45am on May 16, 2011, terry j. harr said…

HI Edson-

Jazz was very popular in the 1920's thru the mid 1940's.  People would dance to it.  Of course, rock and roll claimed that title later and jazz never recovered as a popular music.

However, there are many people who enjoy jazz and all of it's different forms.  I too was a jazz radio DJ in the early 70's and really enjoyed the experience.  My biggest fan base was the County Jailhouse where they would pipe my show through their speakers so all could hear.  I received many calls for requests from them.

My jazz influences are many - but started at a young age listening to The Jimmy Lunceford big band and then Pete Fountain playing dixieland clarinet.  It's all great music Edson - I will send you my CD when it comes in and will e-mail you with the OK to play it on the air.

Thank you for your interest in my music-


At 6:59am on May 14, 2011, terry j. harr said…

Hello Edson-

Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery are two of my favorite jazz artists also.  Both are masters of their craft and expression - we are fortunate to have their music with us, still.  My new CD is all original and would like to send it to you at your station for consideration to include on your show.

Peace thru jazz-

Terry Harr


At 7:00am on May 12, 2011, terry j. harr said…

hello - edson

thank you for contacting me thru jazznetworkingworldwide and putting jazz out there for the people of brazil.  I will indeed send you my CD and mp3's.  Best of everything in regards to your broadcasting -

peace thru jazz -

Terry Harr

At 3:22pm on May 11, 2011, David Finocchiaro said…
When you have your website completed let me know
David Finocchiaro
At 1:03pm on May 5, 2011, Mickey Carroll said…

Hi Edson   It sounds like your passion for jazz is part of your mission in life . 

I to like Jimmy Smith . Wes Montgomery I dig blues rooted jazz Ray Charles big band fathead Newmen .Hank Crawford .Less McCan ,Mose Allison ,Cannon Ball .

Every artist needs interest and support I would be proud to be part of your music agenda  My CD is on the way and As you requested I will e-mail an mp3 .

Lets stay in touch Jazz Network World Wide is a cool place to do it



At 8:52pm on May 4, 2011, Frank Piombo said…
Ciao Edson, Thank you for the friendship and correspondence. Please give me your mailing address and I'll be happy to send you my album. Also, if you supply me with your e-mail address, I can send you my newer material via mp3 files. A presto, Frank


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