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At 3:08pm on August 25, 2011, New Acid Wave said…
I think yes we are connected as friends Maria!! like your style!!
At 2:54pm on July 26, 2011, frank dupree said…
What a wonderful, fresh voice you have. I ran into your name while visiting my friend Kevyn Lattau's site...What a pleasant surprise!
At 9:35pm on March 26, 2011, Barbara said…
Hi Maria loving the new album awesome, wishing you so much success with it. Love your voice girl.Love "I got nothin but the blues" They are all great.Take care Barb
At 3:24am on August 8, 2010, New Acid Wave said…
At 3:24pm on June 24, 2010, Majamisty TriO said…
I like your music and your voice :)
At 6:50am on June 24, 2010, Martin Clay said…
Thanks for the invite to your site Maria! Diggin' the tracks here, wonderful flavor in your voz, excellent!
At 6:11pm on June 23, 2010, Armsted Christian said…
Hi Maria,
I want to thank you for connecting with me. I like your music. Welcome to the network. This is a wonderful place to reach out to artist from so many different influences. God bless you and keep sharing your gifts.
At 2:45pm on April 21, 2010, Rainer Theobald said…
Hey Maria,

nice tune and singing on " At Last ".
I like your voice.

thank you for the music

Rainer Theobald
At 3:47pm on April 19, 2010, Veronica Wirth said…
Maria, Great feature!! I am really enjoying your music. Keep it up!
All the best to you,
At 4:00pm on April 18, 2010, Lainie Cooke said…
Thanks for stopping by my page, Maria. Wishing you all the best in achieving your dreams. You've made a good start here on the jazznetwork. It's a great place to be and Jaijai is the best.
At 1:47am on April 18, 2010, Mike Johnson said…
Maria...Checked out your website and enjoyed the music, images, and history. You have been very busy cultivating your voice and craft and it truly shows! Keep using your gift and pursuing the Dream! Your music player sounds great! Check me out when time permits...
At 11:39am on April 16, 2010, Bruce C said…

Maria.....thank you for your kind response...i have the fondest memories, and some very dear friends back in Ohio....i've been a realist about artists, musicians, and friends all of my life...through "fat" times...and "skinny" i absolutely work with people in the arts on a dfiferent "scale" than i do with my corporate'm a musician as well, too... i would love to work with you anytime on beautiful cover art for your truly beautiful musical pieces...not a best to you...and those lucky enough to be around you...always b
At 5:29pm on April 15, 2010, Jaijai Jackson said…
Hey Maria,

Great to see you are doin' the 'do' by networking and letting the world know your intentions career-wise and taking your business by the reigns and mastering your life-steps. I'm proud of your stamina and grace.

Your CD is really wonderful, your hard work is paying off as you dance in those "divine shoes" that were placed just for you.

Best of every step,
At 4:36pm on April 15, 2010, Judy Wexler said…
Hey Maria, Congrats on the CD... you sound FABULOUS! Love, Judy
At 6:36am on April 15, 2010, Bruce C said…

Maria....totally love your latest CD....beautiful musicianship, great arrangements .....and your voice is beautifully enchanting.....thank you for sharing your gifts here....i used to go to Cleveland a lot in the 60's as an art student at Kent State (lol...the 60's i'm showing my age..)and exhibited my photography in the Cleveland museum of art May Show....just love the Westside Market too...a great to network with you anytime, and if you need a visual to match your musical artistry, drop me a very best to you...always b
At 7:06am on September 4, 2009, Ki Allen said…
Hi Maria,
I enjoyed listening to all your tracks. Your singing is simply beautiful.
Thank you again for inving me to the Jazz Network.
Many blessings,
At 12:58pm on August 30, 2009, Effie Joy said…
I'll be there my pet. xo
At 8:24am on December 26, 2008, Reggie Love said…
Hello Maria. I'm located in Apple Valley Cali. Thanks for being a friend on TJN.
At 1:45am on December 21, 2008, Reggie Love said…
Excellent. How are you Marie. I really feel and love your flow. I will come to hear you. Keep me informed on your performances. Thanks for the music.
At 12:42pm on June 7, 2008, Chip Shelton said…
Reminder to stop by Studio 281 tonight/ 281 Peters St. SW Atlanta.
Chip Shelton


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